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Season: March 4 – August 31, 2024

Peach through July 26

1954 The building was built by Lawrence Simpson (with plaster and block work by Paul Barton and assistance from Hank Freese). The building's intended purpose was to be an ice cream store, and was called Kreem King.
1955 Cutler Oil Co. owned the building, but there is no evidence that it was ever used as a gas station.
1959 Harold and Wilhma Barnhill purchased Kreem King, and renamed it Dairy Hill (taken from the last portion of their surname).
1961 Dairy Hill was purchased by Charles and Helen Gordon.
1966 Dairy Hill was purchased by Gary Perkins.
1967 Dairy Hill returned to ownership by the Barnhills.
1969 Lawrence and Clara Belle Burgess bought the Dairy Hill.
1979 Dairy Hill was purchased by Ruben and Shirley Droscha. The Dairy Hill is currently owned by Ruben Droscha and managed by Jon Droscha.